Sai ram education trust was registered in the year 2014 in Bidar by a group of five members, who were not only visionary , social activists  who wants to bring education to the grass root levels in bidar district , with sole intention of serving  students of bidar district.

The trust has inducted the trust members who are able, qualified, responsible, respected in society and also committed and competent in the field of education.


The historically rich district of Bidar, the erstwhile capital of the mighty Bahmani kingdom was also a centre of learning for two centuries catering the students from across the globe at Madrasa of Mahmud Gawan setup in 1472 in Bidar. Those were the days when Bidar was at the peak of glory with recognition as a great seat of learning. On behalf sai ram educational and charitable trust, we have taken it upon ourselves to reclaim the status of Bidar as one of the finest destinations in the field of education for aspirants aiming for world class learning experience.

Education is no doubt the basic right for all of us, but quality education is the need of the hour. The enthusiasm and the farsightedness of the trustees were responsible in thinking ahead of generation.

Sai ram educational&charitable trust firmly believes that a strong foundation in science education is the surest way to the development of the student &the, with the view to shape tomorrow’s science professionals, it has started  cv raman residential pu college of science in Bidar.

Cv Raman Pu college is located in peaceful and pollution free environment, OPP TO    JOGA SINGH GARDEN in bidar.
“education is the manifestation of wisdom which is already present in man”
-swami Vivekananda.

The college draws the inspiration from the rich experienced and capable staff with fully equipped and furnished infrastructure .

Apart from excellent coaching by highly qualified and experienced faculty, the students are provided with ample of opportunities to participate and witness various cultural activities and spectacular performances.

Two year P.U.Education is a crucial juncture in student’s life. It is the stage that the students need to be given right direction. They are precious metals needing to be polished to shine. They should be given a right platform in order to bring out the best in them.

Cv raman residential pu college of science is the latest college of thinking, we inspire you to be inspiration for others. We believe in real world, real learning in the new college of thought. learn here and lead anywhere. We build dynamic minds by preparing students for their success in the changing world, the future begins here.