Vision and Mission

VISION: cv raman residential pu college aims at being one of the premier Institutions of bidar City providing a holistic education that encompasses Indian ethos and strong roots in values-Spiritual and Cultural.

MISSION: cv raman residential pu college Institution is committed to serve society’s children through high quality educational programmes, enabling them to contribute by creating exciting learning opportunities with a commitment to excel.

To empower young minds attain success in life by harnessing their innate abilities and talents; to equip them with sound knowledge and skills and temper their souls with the right values and attitudes required for harmonious and fruitful social existence.

  • To provide quality education from the elementary to tertiary levels thereby.
  • To fuel economic growth, create systemic changes and sustainable improvements by developing new generation social entrepreneurs.
  • To create a globally networked community of leaders, technocrats, scientists, professionals, sports persons and artists.
  • To foster an ethical environment founded on human values in which both spirit and skill thrives to enrich the quality of life.